Photographer and Music Composer


My photography can best be described as "extremely diverse" -- a phrase I hear quite often and very much appreciate. While many photographers choose to specialize in one category or style, I have purposely attempted to gain experience in as many subjects and forms of photography as possible. This website will briefly introduce you to a variety of images -- weddings, commercial, architectural, special events, photojournalism and artistic. My portfolio includes fashion, glamour, portraits, maternity, belly-to-baby, landscapes, digital photo art and much more. So if you don't see something in particular, just ask -- I probably have the experience you may require!

I can still remember taking my first photographic images at the age of ten using an original Kodak Brownie camera received as a gift from my grandparents. My scrapbooks contain thousands of images and decades of photos - from film shots of the family's 1956 Dodge to my contemporary digital photography work.

Music Composer

In recent years, my focus has been on using digital audio technology in combination with my love of photography.  As a composer, I create original music that can be licensed for film, movies, television and corporate video and visual productions.  My work is generally categorized as 'New Age' style instrumental piano.  Custom music scores may be commissioned upon request.  Please subscribe to my YouTube music channel at: Unpublished Music for Film & TV by Randy Anagnostis.

My Goal

My goal is simple -- to share my artistic creations in life with the hope that they touch your soul.  Each day of our lives offer us thousands upon thousands of picture perfect moments and beautiful sounds if only we take the time to see and hear them all around us.

Please enjoy my website and let me know of your visit!

~ Randy Anagnostis ~